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"In a marketplace that can sometimes seem stale and crowded, occasionally there emerges an artist so dynamic, so talented and vocally distinct that they stand out from the crowd. That artist is Angela Lewis Brown. With a vocal range so diverse and stunning, coupled with songs so refreshing and original, they bring the blues right back into the 21st Century mainstream."

Originally hailing from the Northern town of Huddersfield, my musical history is steeped in black music and tradition, from early exposure to northern soul right through to the soul scene of the 80's and the powerhouse soul diva's of the 90's.

My early career spanned recording various styles from dance to soul. With my initial foray into the music industry being quite positive ranging from spot plays on Radio 1, 2, 6music and countless other networks, even appearing on national TV network GMTV. My live appearances included everything from dance clubs, guest appearance for the Impressions at the Northampton Northern Soul weekend, to the rugby league club world cup at Headingley, and although all this was fun I was never completely happy with the music I was doing.

My career was temporarily halted with starting a family,but now that the children are old enough, I have begun to resume my recording career. After searching for a sound that would suit me, a chance metting with ex original Shakatak and now my bass player Steve Underwood, the world of blues now opened back up to me, leading to a unique fusion of blues, which with my previous experiences has created what I believe to be a blues sound for the 21st century.

Love to all my fans, Angela xxx

Face The Music - "Details Coming Soon."